About Us

About Us 

The British Muslim Association of Merton (BMAM) was established in the 1990s to serve the needs of the Muslim community in and around  London Borough of Merton.

The aims and objectives of BMAM are:

  • To advance the Islamic faith
  • To advance Islamic education 
  • To promote public awareness about Islamic culture
  • To alleviate poverty and health inequalities.


BMAM is a registered charity. BMAM has arranged Eid get-together parties, educational seminars on Islam, Health & Wellbeing, group physical exercise sessions, light entertainment and children’s musical  programmes.

History of BMAM 

The History of BMAM will be posted shortly.  

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Committee Members 

BMAM Committee:

Mohammed Shuaib Sheikh: Chairman

Dr Tasneem Mohammadally: Vice Chair

Mrs Salma Hashmi: General Secretary

Abdul Latif: Treasurer

Huma Quereshi: Asst. General Secretary

Cllr Najeeb Latif: EC Member 

Ikhlaque Shah: EC Member 

Dr Sajjad Awan: EC Member 

Ikhlaque Shah: EC Member 

Mushtaq M Rana: Honorary President

Saleem Sheikh: Honorary Vice Chairman


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1.0 Adopted on 30 June 2017
1.1) The Association and its property shall be administered and managed in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Association.

2.0 The Name
2.1) The Association’s name is the “British Muslim Association of Merton” (BMAM).
2.2 All programs must start in English. Similarly when the Holy Quran verses are recited in Arabic, they must also be translated in English.

3.0 The Association is established for the benefit of the Muslim community in the London Borough of Merton and the surrounding Boroughs for the following Aims and Objectives.
3.1) Advancement of the Islamic faith;
3.2) Advancement of education of the public in Islamic cultures
3.3) Relief of poverty.
In furtherance of the above objects, the Association may:
• Establish an Islamic centre for the furtherance of the Association;
• Provide facilities for Islamic studies’ etiquettes and the understanding of the Islamic cultures;
• Arrange Islamic lectures, meetings, seminars, and similar functions on topics of interest to the Muslim community;
• Assist and help in the event of bereavement of Muslims by referring the families to the appropriate burial services;
• Organise events to promote the spirit of Islam and the understanding of its disciplines;
• Co-operate and create understanding with other bodies of similar objectives within the London Borough of Merton and beyond.

4.0 Membership
4.1) All adults professing Islamic faith, recognizing the Holy Quran, Sunnah and Hadith and believing in the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as the last prophet of Allah, shall be eligible for membership of the Association.
4.2) There shall be a membership fee payable by each member of the Association. The Executive Committee (EC) shall decide the amount and the Association may change it from time to time.
4.3) There shall be a maximum of 12 EC members at any given time. The tenure for each position, the members hold, shall be two years. All members should be practicing Muslims as defined in the membership rules in clause (4.1).
4.4) Non-Muslims and non-members may be invited to attend the functions organized by the Association and its AGMs and EGMs.

5.0 Management
5.1) The management of the Association shall vest and continue to be vested in the EC, which shall consist of the following: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Gen Secretary, Assistant Gen Secretary, Treasurer and rest of the EC members.
5.2) A quorum of two thirds shall be sufficient to conduct the business of the Association. Minutes shall be recorded by the Gen Secretary of all proceedings in a register of the Association.
5.3) The EC shall meet at least six times during one year, at a prearranged venue and time.

6.0 Election of Office Bearers
6.1) Every two years the Office Bearers and members of the EC shall retire and then shall be eligible for re-election at the AGM. Election of the EC shall be by the vote at the AGM. Voting shall be by a secret ballot and every member shall be eligible to vote for as many candidates as there are vacancies to be filled. The candidate with the largest number of vote shall be declared as elected. In the case of two or more candidates receiving an equal number of votes, the Trustees shall have a casting vote.
6.2) Nominations for the election of Office Bearers and Executive Committee members should be submitted on an approved application form to the Election Officer in a sealed envelop at least 28 Days in advance of the AGM. The form should be filled in and duly signed and dated by the Nominee and Nominator, who should be current members of the Association. Candidates (Nominees) can only apply for one position from office bearers list, but can additionally apply for the EC members’ position as well. Sealed application forms should be opened by the Election Officer at an EC meeting held at least 21 days before the AGM. The Election Officer can reject a nomination form, which has been incorrectly completed or has not been signed by the Nominee and the Nominator.
6.3) All members should be fully paid up, registered and affiliated members with the Association for at least three months prior to the AGM to be eligible to nominate a candidate or to be nominated.

7.0 Filling of vacancies
7.1) The Executive Committee shall have the powers to appoint a general member as a full EC member to fill any vacancy that may arise until the next election. Any member so appointed shall retire at the next election, but would be eligible for election to the EC or any position.

8.0 Expulsion of a member from Executive Committee
8.1) The EC may at any time suspend/expel any member who displays any unacceptable behaviour, verbal or written, that is detrimental or may cause harm or annoyance to the Association.
8.2) Explanation shall be sought within a week from the member prior to any dismissal/suspension.

9.0 Honorary Appointments
9.1) A well-known member of the Muslim community, either national or international may be appointed as President of the Association for their services rendered to the Muslim community in the UK or elsewhere.
9.2) Vice-presidents may be appointed for the services rendered to the Muslim community in the UK or elsewhere.
9.3 A well-known member of the Muslim community, national or international, may be appointed as a Patron.
9.4 The honorary president, vice president and patron shall have the right to attend EC meetings, AGM, EGM and all other events and functions organized by the association

10.0 Amendments to the Constitution
10.1) No amendment shall be made to this clause or the Aims and Objectives clause without prior consent of the Charity Commission.
10.2) No amendments shall be made, which would cause the Association to cease to be a charity at law.
10.3) Any proposed amendments to the Constitution must be given in writing to the Gen Secretary at least 21 days before the AGM.
10.4) The Chairperson must give the proposed amendment/s to the EC members at least 14 days before the AGM and a special meeting of the EC may be called if a meeting of the EC is not due to be held before the AGM to discuss and approve such amendment/s.

11.0 Business and Notice of AGM or EAGM
11.1) A notice of such meeting shall be issued to the members, either by publication or in writing, at least 28 days before the AGM or EAGM. No business other than on which notice had been given shall be brought forward at such a meeting.

12.0 Annual General Meeting
12.1) AGM of the Association shall be held in the month of April each year, on a specific date and time arranged by the EC for the purpose of;
a) Receiving from the chairperson a report on the activities of the Association.
b) Receiving a statement of accounts for the preceding financial year.
c) Deciding on any resolution, which may be duly submitted to the meeting in accordance with the clause as herein and any other matter deemed necessary to be discussed.
d) Electing members to the EC if applicable.
12.2 Any member desiring to move a resolution at the AGM or at any EGM shall give notice thereof in writing to the General Secretary not less than 21 days before the date of such meeting.
12.3 All validly submitted resolutions at the AGM or EGM shall require simple majority for approval.

13.0 Voting and Casting vote of Chairperson
13.1) At all such meetings of the Association the Chairperson and in his absence the Vice Chairperson and in his absence the General Secretary and if all three are absent, a member of the EC selected by the EC shall take the chair. Every member present shall be entitled to one vote upon every motion, and in the case of an equality of votes, the Chairperson shall have the second or ‘casting’ vote.

14.0 Amendments to any Resolution at an AGM or EGM
14.1) No amendment shall be moved to any resolution proposed at any AGM or EGM unless a written notice thereof shall have been sent to the General Secretary no less than 14 days prior to the meeting.

15.0 Accounts
15.1) The Association’s financial year shall run from 1st April to 31st March. The accounts shall be prepared for every year at the end of the financial year and approved by the EC. The accounts shall then be presented to the AGM for its acceptance and approval.

16.0 Bankers of the Association
16.1) Bankers of the association shall be appointed by the EC from time to time.

17.0 Interpretation of Rules
17.1) It may be occasionally necessary to interpret the rules and regulations of the Association; the powers to do so shall vest with the EC. Where the Committee’s decision is restricted due to the rules of interpretation, the literal meaning shall suffice; hence this will empower the Committee to pass or take such actions that are conducive to the objectives of the Association.

18.0 Additions, repealing and/or amendments of rules
18.1) These rules, with the exception of the membership rules and Aims and Objectives may be added to, repealed or amended by resolution at any AGM or EGM provided that no such resolution shall be deemed to have been passed unless it is carried by a majority of at least two thirds of the members voting thereon.

19.0 Dissolution
19.1) The Association may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a two thirds majority of those present and voting at an EGM convened for the purpose of which 21 day’s notice shall have been given to the members. Such resolution shall give instructions for the disposal of any assets held by or in the name of the Association, provided that if any property remains after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities such property shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Association but shall be given or transferred to such other charitable institution or institutions having objectives similar to some or all of the objectives of the Association.

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